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Get connected to our community of staff, alumni, and industry partners, who are committed to helping you navigate the opportunities of our new normal and become unstoppable in life.

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Education Consultation

Meet counsellors online or on campus for personalised guidance on scholarships & Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate, Professional Accounting, or Taylor’s MicroCreds.

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Programme & Industry Webinars

Join free sessions by academics and industry experts to discover our programmes and explore some of the hottest topics in various fields.

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Exploration Weekend

Check out DIY sessions by Me.reka Makerspace, get career hacks from leading hiring managers, or go on a virtual campus tour.

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Experiential Virtual Open Day

Schedule upcoming sessions, rewatch webinars or chat with our students and counsellors!

Discover your future at Taylor's Title

A selection of videos curated to give you a glimpse of how Taylor’sphere, our learning ecosystem and community gives you an edge to graduate in demand.

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Find out from our students themselves what they think about studying at Taylor’s.

"When I co-founded the Kain Movement social enterprise, it was unfamiliar to me but lecturers supported me and even connected me to a friend’s organisation that became our partner."

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Janice Chai, Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Public Relations and Marketing)

"With e-Learning, we were able to connect more with the lecturers and the response rate from each of them was high. Doing the mock exams was a really good experience with no difficulty."

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Aradhana Patra, Master of Business Administration

"Being surrounded by course mates and lecturers, who not only share the same passion but also display that passion, kept me motivated and moved me closer to what I aspire to be."

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Tasia Khairunnisa, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

"People I connected with made my design journey more memorable. Working with industry collaborators through internships & guest clients trained me to design with industry relevance."

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Jessica Yeap, Bachelor Of Design (Hons) In Creative Media

"The tight-knit Taylor’s community created a conducive study environment. Lecturers went out of the way to help me grasp challenging concepts, even sacrificing their lunch hours."

Kuberan Hansrajh Kumaresan Image
Kuberan Hansrajh Kumaresan, Cambridge A Level

"When considering colleges, Taylor's stood out. Studying FIB isn’t easy but the lake gives me serenity to study and lecturers are always there to help, which is shown in my grades."

Philip Chin Leek Chiong Image
Philip Chin Leek Chiong, Foundation in Business

"I love how SACEi emphasises not just academics but preparing for uni. It taught me life skills, being in projects where I could play a part in the world with lecturers & friends."

Hana Nadhirah binti Mohammad Kamal Image
Hana Nadhirah binti Mohammad Kamal, SACE International

"Studying Foundation online was enriching & challenging. My lecturers always find new & exciting ways to make learning fun & engaging for us, despite having to teach online!"

Kimanda Wang Lin Ling Image
Kimanda Wang Lin Ling, Foundation in Arts

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